Living life without limbs – Know the incredible success story of Zuly Sanguino

Zuly Sanguino

Life is not so easy for anyone, and it is indeed tough for someone born without arms or legs. But some people overcome every hurdle in life and that’s why we call them real life heroes. Zuly Sanguino is one such heroic girl, who was born without limbs, yet, she has overcome the challenges of life and now a source of inspiration for many others.

25-year-old  Zuly was born in Columbia with a rare condition called with Tetra-amelia syndrome, an extremely rare genetic condition that results in the limbs not develop properly in the womb. Zuly was profusely bullied and even was raped, for which she contemplated suicide.

Growing up was hard and I was bullied at school. I was called an alien and it really hurt me. I went through some dark times and even contemplated suicide. But my friends and family pulled me through and now I give motivational talks at businesses, prisons and schools. I speak to children who are bullied, or have disabilities, to show them having physical or mental limitations doesn’t have to hold you back.

Zuly’s main source of inspiration was her mother. Zuly’s mother helped her to rebuild her confidence. At the age of 18, she went to art college and was later asked to join her local pastor on community visits and give talks. Zuly Sanguino now makes regular TV and radio appearances.

My first talk was speaking to 400 college students and parents about bullying in schools. I was really nervous so Mum came with me for support. But half-way through I began to cry because it was so painful reliving what I’ve been through. But everyone started clapping and it gave me the strength to keep going. Afterwards, I felt great. Knowing I’d turned my bad experiences into something good and was helping people was so rewarding.

Life Without Limbs: Zuly Sanguino's Extraordinary Story


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