Karan Jerath , Indian-American recipient of the ‘Young Scientist’ Award

karan jerath

How it felt to be recognized as a ‘Young Scientist’? Ask Karan Jerath! 18-year-old Karan Jerath has the right answer for it. Because, this Indian-American boy has recently won the prestigious Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award in the US for inventing a device that quickly shuts down undersea oil spills. Karan Jerath of Friendswood, Texas, has claimed USD 50,000, the top prize money at this year’s Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (IISEF).

Sensors inside the 350-ton device would measure the temperature, pressure and density of the mix of gases and fluids erupting from a well. A computer would then calculate how valves in the gadget should be adjusted so that the gas and oil can be collected. That should stop a spill in its tracks. The device could help prevent an ecological catastrophe. It also would reduce cleanup costs. Karan Jerath said.

The top position was also shared by two other youngsters. One of them has developed a technique to more quickly diagnose infections by HIV and the other one has developed a sophisticated software to improve the flow of air inside aircraft cabins that could reduce the transmission of disease among passengers. The IISEF recognizes and honors the world’s most promising high school student scientists, inventors and engineers selected through rigorous competitions held around the world.


Image Credit: iq.intel

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