Children of a village in the Philippines use yellow boats instead of yellow buses to reach school

yellow boat of hope foundation

Have you ever heard about the kids who have to swim to school? This was the reality of a whole community of children in the mangrove village of Layag-Layag in the Philippines. There is no road to school. Children have to swim to reach the school, which is just 2 km away from the village. Most of time, children’s notebooks, bags and other items would get soaked, if not properly wrapped in plastic. Children used to arrive at school wet and sometimes injured from corals and crabs.

After witnessing such conditions of kids, Jay Jaboneta and Anton Mari H. Lim founded the Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation. They started with one boat to bring about 25-30 kids to school. But soon they realized that it was not enough for all the children.

Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation, Inc AVP


The organization that was started as an attempt to get kids to reach the school safe and dry has now developed into a foundation that builds boats, schools, provides medical help and even conducts livelihood programs to help the communities. Now, the same boats that send the children to school also help fishermen in the community to earn a living.

It’s amazing how one simple idea of a boat has grown to engage 40 communities and help more than 8,000 children. It’s wonderful to see children reaching school without being wet, boarding a cheerful yellow boat instead of a yellow bus.


Image Credit: philstar


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