Dene Menzel’s ‘World 4 Peace Project’ united 200 singers from across the globe to sing together for peace

world 4 peace

Distressed by the negative elements prevailing in the world, Dene Menzel, a Melbourne musician brought together a group of 200 people from around the world, between the ages of eight and 65, to celebrate global peace. Menzel embarked the project to break down the racial discrimination, religious conflicts and to encourage respect and tolerance in the world.

Music is a great way to bring people together regardless of their background. I thought that if I could get strangers from all over the world to sing with each other, that would prove that we’re not so different after all, and we can create something beautiful together.

Dene Menzel has a 20 years of experience as a musician, vocal coach, choir director. She is a mother of a 5 year old daughter. Menzel she says that her daughter is the main inspiration behind this great initiative.

As a parent, I dream of a better world for my daughter and her children to live in. Collectively, we all have the same hopes and dreams for our children, wherever we may call home around the world. What better way to share our hopes and dreams than through the gift of music, says, Dene Menzel.

Menzel created the ‘World 4 Peace Project’ (W4PP) – a unique global peace initiative that brought together 200 singers from over 20 countries over cyberspace in a bid to raise funds for UNICEF and spread peace consciousness around the planet. Through a global casting call, Menzel found multi-award winning singer and human rights advocate Kate Ceberano, along with the other singers from the countries like, Ukraine, Germany, Brazil, Portugal, Israel, South Africa and Uzbekistan etc. With smart phone technology and the Internet they created a ‘virtual choir’.

The song, Waltzing Matilda is an adaptation of an old Australian bush ballad. The new lyrics of the song reflect our responsibility to the next generation to create a better world.

Waltzing Matilda is no longer a humble bush ballad!! It has now become a powerful anthem of global peace appealing to humanity: “Who will Waltz? Who will lead? Who’ll be more than what they can be? I dream of a world that’s filled with hope and peace – Who will Waltz a Matilda with me?”


Waltzing Matilda (World 4 Peace)

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