Kay Didas, 93 year old lady who created a milestone with 1000 workouts


How old are you? Well, forget the age, but have you ever felt lazy to go to gym? Probably you had lot many such occasions when you didn’t feel like going to the gym or missed workouts. If you really need some inspiration to get up and exercise, look at this 93-year-old lady; no doubt that you will never get anyone like her to motivate you to get up and go.

Kay Didas is a 93-year old lady from the United States, who does not look like an average gym-goer, but Kay has recently completed her 1000 workouts at Curves Gym and became the oldest member to ever hit this milestone. Kay Didas has been going to the gym since 1960’s.

There is no excuse not to be active, Kay Didas.

This woman is not your average gym rat


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