Now every Bengalureans can get clean water from these water ATM’s for just Rs 5

water atm

Accessing clean drinking water is still a far cry for tens of thousands of Bengalureans. With groundwater depleting in many parts of the city, roadside water dispensers (water ATM) have proven to be a lifeline for economically weaker sections. These water ATMs are drawing larger consumers.

This water is not only safe to drink but also very cheap; 20 litres of potable water costs only Rs 5 compared to Rs 50 or Rs 80 retail price.

Initiated in 2013, these water ATM’s are mostly funded by MLAs and corporates or local businesses. The dispensers, which have a reverse osmosis purifier in place, are certified by civic agencies.

A customer has to insert a 5 Rs coin into the machine and then can collect 20 litres of water. The ATMs are open between 7am and 7pm every day.

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