Wanted Umbrella, an unique start-up that binds lonely hearts of differently abled persons

kalyani khona

The general perception of the people about disability has not changed much, even though ‘disability is simply a myth’ is an age old proverb!! It’s often seen neglecting the needs and rights of the disabled persons. But the fact is, they are also human beings and have the same urge to live a happy successful life like any other person. It was this realization that led young entrepreneur Kalyani Khona to start Wanted Umbrella, India’s first match-making and matrimonial site for the differently abled.

India does not have proper infrastructure and scope for the people with disability to meet new people. Commonly, the matrimonial hunt for normal couples is being brokered by relatives or sometimes by the couple-to-be themselves. The same can’t be said for the differently abled. But their needs are not different from us; they deserve as much as we do. No one wants to be alone in this world. Wanted Umbrella is that platform through which differently abled persons can connect with the like-minded for the purpose of marriage or otherwise.

The registration for this service includes a meeting and documentation, only after which is membership granted. After membership is granted, an offline profile is created and later exchanged with the interested candidates. If the interest is mutual, a meeting is set up.

Matchmaking is not a process oriented job. It is experience and communication based. Each case is a new experience and each person coming to me needs a different method of communication. We don’t just cater to people with disability but also people with special cases like obesity, thalassemia, divorcees or senior citizens. Every conversation leaves you with a lot of learning and each case is unique. Patience and being open-minded to each scenario, expectations and demands is the only way to survive as a professional matchmaker, says Kalyani Khona.

Kalyani Khona, the former vice-president at AIESEC Mumbai is now in talks with NGOs and business enterprises that employ the differently abled. It would help her organize more events, and broaden her network.


Image Credit : techinasia



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