The guy who flies high with only one leg – Meet skier Vasu Sojitra

vasu sojitra

At 23, Vasu Sojitra is not different from his fellow mates. He’s got a BS in mechanical engineering from the University of Vermont. But what differ him from the rest, is his serious skiing addiction in spite of having a single leg.

Vasu Sojitra was only nine-months old when he was contracted septicemia, an infection that caused a blood clot in his right leg. There was no other option rather than to amputate it. But even a prosthetic leg could not stop him from doing what he loves. He even played soccer, hockey in school. His parents never treated him differently from his brother.

vasu sojitra

Since Vasu was only a few months old, so he does not remember the incident at all. On a positive note, he is just completely used to it and now considers it as his lifestyle. And just like living with one leg has become his lifestyle, skiing has  also become an integral part of Vasu’s lifestyle. Each winter, Vasu Sojitra skis the backcountry for 20 or more days.

I don’t remember it at all. I only started skiing in fifth grade, but I was always pretty active. I used to play soccer all the time growing up, but I also do long board, skateboard, hockey — I’ve tried just about everything. Says Vasu Sojitra.

2014 Banff Mountain Film Festival Shorts – Vasu Sojitra: Out on a Limb

Sojitra skis on just one plank, supplemented by a pair of outriggers under his arms. The hem of his right ski pant is pinned up near his right hip. Vasu Sojitra’s love for this wonderful sport has been told through a short film –‘Vasu Sojitra: Out on a limb’.

Vasu loves climbing the snow covered peaks on foot and skiing down at an unimaginable speed and spirit. People watching him whizzes down the slopes, tends to forget it quickly that Vasu Sojitra does it only with one leg. The story of this one-legged skier, who believes disability as myth, is truly an inspiration to many.

Image Credit: snewsnet  backcountry



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