This summer, experience AC like cool air from Vaayu only at one tenth of an AC’s running cost


As the summer is hitting up the country, market demand for air coolers and conditioners are also rising high and so as the electricity consumption. But how about something that comes at a tenth of an AC’s running cost? Pranav Mokshmar from Indore has developed such a cooling technology called Vaayu, which is both cheaper and Eco friendly.

Vaayu began its operations in October 2014, after almost five years of trials and errors, patenting process and funding efforts. It consumes only 250 Watts of electricity per hour, compared to an air conditioner that consumes 2,400 Watts per hour. It works like an air conditioner, fights humidity, does not require water refills every few hours. It is possibly the world’s only cooling product that uses the refrigeration cycle, but does not emit heat into the environment which makes it environment-friendly too.

vaayu founders

Vaayu Hybrid Chillers, a patented technology has its two manufacturing units at Sanwer Road in Indore. It has received a funding of Rs 1 crore under collateral-free CGTMSE scheme of the State government of Madhya Pradesh through Corporation Bank, Indore.

It has dealers and distributors in six states, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Delhi, Haryana and Uttarakhand. The company is now getting bulk orders from companies that care about the environment and cost-saving.


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Image Credit: foreverpeace


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