The language of friendship is same for all, be it for a human or an animal

I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light – Helen Keller

Here are few sweet and fantastic stories of some animal’s unlikely friendships and their in-separable bonding.


1. Friendship between an elephant and a  dog


unlikely friendships elephant dog

An African elephant named Bubbles, that was rescued from poachers and now lives at Myrtle Beach Safari in South Carolina. When she met a black Labrador named Bella, the two became good friends and now both of them are inseparable.


2. Friendship between a dog and a duckling


unlikely friendships labrador duckling

The duckling named Dennis was rescued and brought home by the owner of Fred, the dog, after fox ate Dennis’s mommy. Since Dennis’s rescue, Fred has taken the chick under his wing and they became best friends.


3. Friendship between a dog and a lion


unlikely friendships dog lion

Lions are not always ferocious meat-eaters. This is what this 500 pound beautiful lion has proved, becoming friend with 3 tiny dogs. After the lion was diagnosed with a metabolic disease that partially disabled him, one dog named Milo, took Bonedigger, the lion under his tiny tail. Two still enjoy spending quality time together.


4. Friendship between a lion, tiger and a bear


unlikely friendships lion tiger bear

A drug dealer once owned the trio (a lion, tiger and a bear). He abused them terribly, but together the trio made it out alive. Other than their beautiful friendship, there is nothing common between them. They are now living a healthy and happy lives at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.


5. Friendship between an orang-utan and a dog


unlikely friendships photo orangutan dog

Roscoe, the dog followed Suryia, the orang-utan to the sanctuary for endangered animals in the US. The animal sanctuary took the dog. Since then, the duo have remained as best friends.


6. Friendship between a wild rabbit and a deer


unlikely friendships wild rabbit deer

The reason of this unique friendship between the deer and the wild rabbit is still not known. These two were spotted by wildlife photographer Tanja Askan.


7. Friendship between a cheetah and a dog


unlikely friendships cheetah dog

Kasi, the Cheetah still makes out some time for his childhood friend Mitani, a Labrador, in spite of the fact that now Kasi is often seen surrounded by the lady cheetahs nearby. These two have been pals since they were tiny.

Photo Credits: amazon, tumblr, cambridge-news, arkanimalspacehuffingtonpost

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