The University of Michigan to waive off tuition fee for its students with less family earnings

university of michigan

Now the Michigan families can get the opportunity to send their children to Michigan University without paying any tuition fee. The University of Michigan has recently announced the implementation of their new Go Blue Guarantee, under which all the students with the family earnings less than $65,000 per year to qualify for four years of free undergraduate tuition.

There are many students growing up in families that look at the University of Michigan and think that we’re too expensive. Even if their kids are talented are hard-working, they’re just afraid. They’re afraid to let them apply because if they get in, imagine telling your kid ‘congratulations, but we just can’t afford it, said U-M President Mark Schlissel.

The program will apply to the students enrolling in January 2018 as well as to any current or future in-state student whose family earns $65,000 or less. About half of the families in the state will qualify for this incentive. Those who qualify for the free tuition will also qualify for other financial aid to cover costs such as housing.


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