Muslim devotees offered prayers inside a Ganpati pandal – A perfect scene of unity in diversity

unity in diversity

India is always known for its unity in diversity. It is always amazing to actually witness something that describes unity in diversity in the true sense, rather than simply talking about it. And this is what had happened recently during the celebration of Bakra-Eid in Mumbai. A place in Mumbai brought both Hindus and Muslims together, and where many Muslim devotees were seen performing their prayers inside a Ganpati pandal.

People were praying outside the Madrassa Rahamatiya Talimul Quran mosque, which is located right next to the Ganpati pandal. But due to lack of space inside the mosque, many people could not get in. When members of the Seva Sangh Ganeshotsav Mandal saw this, they invited the Muslim brothers to the Ganpati pandal, so that they could pray in peace.

During Ramzan four years ago, which coincided with the Ganesh festival, we had allowed Eid prayers inside the pandal. It may be that some people find this surprising, but it is entirely normal for us. Hindus and Muslims have always lived in unity here. There is no discrimination. Hindus too participate in Muslim festivities, said Santosh Nayak, a Seva Sangh member.

The committee has 70 members, out of which 30 members are Muslims. Even the treasurer of the committee is a 25-year-old Muslim guy named Mehfooz Khan. Nearly 1,300 people performed their prayers inside the pandal. This is indeed a commendable step towards communal harmony and we hope for a day very soon, when this type of incident will be a very common scene to be seen across all over India.


Image Credit: ibn



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