Toybank, a bank full of joy for the underprivileged children


It was during a dinner with friends in 2004, when Shweta Chari shared an idea to create a place where children can play. The idea was to give back the childhood of those numerous underprivileged children, and that made Shweta Chari to found Toybank.

Many children are forced to be labourers at an early age. Some have to work in dangerous industries such as firecrackers. So, Shweta Chari thought to help these children by giving back their childhood through toys.

Street children are exposed to a huge number of problems like malnutrition, hunger, health problems, substance abuse, and theft, physical and sexual abuse. Toybank was founded with the idea that play helps distract children’s minds from their hazardous environments and the distress caused by their circumstances. Simple toys can make them children again, says Shweta Chari.


With the help of her friends, Shweta, an electronics engineer founded Toybank. The children, whose families can’t afford to buy toys, Toybank provides toys and a place to play for them.

Shweta Chari’s unique initiative has brought smiles on the faces of thousands of children in India. We hope to see a day, when no children will be working as a labourer at the age when they should be actually playing with toys.


Image Credit: campaigns


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