A Chinese company celebrated its 20th anniversary by gifting 6400 employees a free European holiday

tiens group china

Would you like to work in a company where you get a free holiday trip to Europe? Yes of course, who would say no! This is what a Chinese company called Tiens Group has done. Tiens Group’s founder and chairman, Li Jinyuan has taken a total of 6,400 employees on an all-expenses-paid vacation to France and Monaco. Well, what best could have been done other than this, to celebrate 20th anniversary of the company along with its main assets – the employees.

The group has booked 140 hotels in Paris and 5,000 rooms at a resort in Cannes. A total of 7,600 train tickets were booked on France’s high-speed TGV trains to ferry employees to the south coast. After two days in Paris, the group headed down to the southern resort town of Nice, where they also broke a Guinness World Record for forming the largest human sentence. All staff members lined up to spell out the phrase Tiens’ dream is nice in the Côte d’Azur.

tiens group china

We have mobilized public services as well as tourism professionals, hotels, restaurants, shops and designer brands, said Christian Mantel, head of tourism development agency Atout France.

The estimated cost of the tour is more than $15 million. Tiens is not the only group from China to arrange such a massive overseas tour. Last year, a group of 7,000 made a trip to the U.S. to celebrate the 35th anniversary of Sino-U.S. diplomatic ties. Tiens Group operates in a diverse range of business interests, including biotechnology, tourism and trade.


Image Credit: chinadaily independent


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