Did you know your dog can help you to heal faster and reduce the recovery time by up to 30%

therapy dogs

Among all human-animal bonding, bonding of a dog and a man is the most beautiful one. There is no doubt on the fact that dogs are the man’s best companion. Nowadays, many hospitals opt for therapy dogs to treat patients. Recently, an Australian hospital has introduced therapy dogs, which has helped reduce the recovery time of seriously ill patients by up to 30%.

John Hunter Hospital along with with Delta Therapy Dogs has recently conducted a trial that’s being monitored by medical professionals around the world. The initial findings found that bringing dogs to visit sick patients has sharply boosted their spirits and led to a surprising reduction in recovery times.

The very first day that we walked in, the mother couldn’t believe it — the girl actually spoke and had a smile on her face, She wasn’t speaking, wasn’t doing anything beforehand, she was just lying there. From that first visit, the girl just accelerated in her recovery, said Pam Withers, voluntary regional coordinator of the program.

therapy dogs

People involved in the program were shocked when the collected data revealed a sharp reduction in recovery time.

Patients who opted to have regular visits from the dogs were discharged, on average, 30% quicker than patients who declined a visit from the dogs. Our theory is that the interaction with the dogs is having a direct, positive therapeutic impact that is helping patients overcome their health issues quicker.


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