The Giving Monks – Feeding the needy on the streets of Mumbai

the giving monks

The Giving Monks is an organization initiated by a group of youngsters, based out in Mumbai. Humanity is the core ethic of the team. The Giving Monks has no specific area of work; they offer their helping hands towards the needy whenever they get a chance to.

The Giving Monks will be completing one year this October. The core members of the team are Dishant Sheth, Miloni Visaria and Piyush Kamdar. It all began on the 22nd birthday of Dishant, when he decided to feed street children instead of an elite party. Since then, these guys are continuously distributing home-made food and fruits to the street children and homeless people on every Sunday. Eventually they created the group ‘The Giving Monks’.

the giving monks

In their weekend food drives, they prepare homemade food such as Khichdi, Poha, Sheera, Buttermilk to feed the homeless and construction site workers, rickshaw pullers etc. Recently, the group visited a girls orphanage called Prem Sadan Childrens home at Madh, Mumbai, where they distributed many things as per the requirements of the girls. In one of their drives, they also distributed clean and dry clothes to the homeless in Andheri.

The idea behind the drive is to ensure that they don’t wear wet clothes. Unfortunately, raincoats are out of our budget. We can buy them, but not for everybody. However, it’s not out of the picture as yet. Instead, we will provide Vicks and clothes to the people, said Dishant Sheth.

So far, Giving Monks has conducted more than 50 food drives in Andheri West and Jogeshwari, Mumbai.

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