Indian born cabbie Tejinder Pal Singh has been selected for the Australian of the year award

Tejinder Pal Singh

The last Sunday of every month is a special day for Tejinder Pal Singh, an Indian who resides in Australia. Because, on the last Sunday of every month, Singh cooks up 30 kg of Indian cuisine to feed the homeless and poor people in northern Darwin. Tejinder is not a millionaire or any billionaire, but an Indian-born cabbie who will be awarded with the Australian of the Year Award on January 25, 2017 for his selfless service to the society.

I do something for homeless people, so they get more energy, so they’re happy. My religion says 10 percent of income goes toward needy and poor people — no matter if they belong to your religion or any religion, said Tejinder Pal Singh.

Tejinder is also the founder of an organization called, ‘Food Van’. He has been feeding the needy for the past four years in a row now. For his work, he was even honoured as the ‘Australian of the Day’ in 2015. Tejinder’s work has inspired many. Seeing him, three other groups in Australia have taken up the cause of distributing free food to homeless people on Sundays.

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