Couple canceled their wedding reception to use the money for the Syrian refugees

syrian refufee crisis

Their marriage was scheduled in March 2016; everything from venue, caterer was perfectly set for the day. When all the preparation was still on, the couple came across the devastating photograph of Alan Kurdi, 3 year-old-boy who was drowned when he and his family attempted to make the trip from Turkey to the Greek island of Kos. That particular photo touched the couple’s life so much that they decided to cancel their lavish wedding reception and use the money to help the Syrian refugees instead. Meet the inspiring couple Samantha Jackson and Farzin Yousefian.

We realized right away that our wedding would be a great opportunity to come together with our friends and family to support this cause, and transformed our wedding into a fundraiser with the hopes of helping a Syrian family start a new life in Toronto, said Samantha Jackson.

On October 9, the couple hosted a small dinner party for their hosts and asked the guests to donate money in lieu of gifts, for the Syrian refugees.

We said that we wanted to redirect our efforts towards this humanitarian crisis and they were immediately on board as well, which is great because they allowed us to cancel our existing reservation and refund our money to use towards this new cause.

This wonderful couple has risen over $17,500 and their goal is to raise $27,000. To donate to the cause, please visit the Ryerson University Lifeline Syria Challenge donation page and select Samantha Jackson & Farzin Yousefia from the gift designation drop-down menu. 


Image Credit: abc


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