Through his free coaching, Sunil Jose, a teacher in Ajmer is brightening up underprivileged girl students

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Sunil Jose is a school teacher who teaches at the Missionary school in Ajmer. There is nothing that differentiates Mr. Jose from any other teachers, besides the fact that he gives free coaching to 50 girls of class X.

Sunil Jose, the man originally from Kerala, came to Ajmer two decades ago to teach at St Anselm’s Senior Secondary School in Ajmer. He observed that the pass percentage of maths in both class X and XII is miserably low. Inspired by Bihar’s Super 30 model, Sunil started free coaching at Government Girls Senior Secondary School at Srinagar Road for two-three hours daily.

Sunil Jose was given a classroom at Government Girls Senior Secondary School, where girls stay back after school and some others from nearby areas join them for the class held six days a week. Interestingly, most of the girls attending this coaching class are from the school that does not have a maths teacher for the past one year.

I saw that many girls in my locality dropped out after class X and found out that learning outcome in mathematics is very poor. Once I settled in the city, I decided to teach them. For two years, I taught few girls at my house for free. When their results were good, I was approached by a government school to teach maths once in a week and that’s how it all started. Those who have resources can anyhow get coaching facilities. Most of the girls I taught are daughters of daily wagers for whom girls’ education is not at all important, said Sunil Jose.

Many people have come forward and joined to support these girls. They monitor the performance of girl students in maths in nearby government and low-cost private schools and identify girls who are from poor background and have the eagerness to study. One of Sunil’s students has already cleared NIT. Sunil Jose is now eagerly waiting to see his students getting into IITs and it seems that day isn’t far away now.


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