India’s Jaipur Railway Station is now harnessing solar energy for its operations

solar energy

Using solar energy being in talks for long, India’s Jaipur Railway Station has enlisted itself among the elite club of railway stations by harnessing solar energy for its operations. It has recently installed solar panels on the rooftops that has produced 260 units of electricity on the maiden day and which was 35 units more than its daily capacity.

The energy harnessed from the solar panels will help the Jaipur railway station save Rs 7.2 lakh on power bills, annually. Our projection is to produce 50 kilowatt power in a year. In future, we would like to double the capacity of green energy at Jaipur station, said, Anil Singhal, general manager of North Western Railways (NWR).

The efforts of NWR will surely reduce the carbon footprint by replacing diesel and electricity consumption by green energy. To make it more viable, the NWR will set up small solar plants at small stations of capacity up to 25 kwp. In this way, Jaipur division will help in reducing 500 tonnes of carbon footprint in next two years. The life cycle of each solar panel is between 20 and 25 years.


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