The smart Indian street vendor, Mr Madeshwaran from Bangalore

smart invention madeshwara bangalore

Mr. Madeshwaran is a street vendor by profession. He sells roasted corn at one of the busiest street in Bangalore, India. Continuous fanning the coal while roasting was very tiresome for him, since he is an old man. He kept searching the solution and finally one day he invented a battery operated fan.

The machine he invented consists of a light and a tiny tool box to keep the repairing machineries. First he gathered some spare electronic items and prepared this device. The blades of the fan are made of steel food plates, shaped by him. Now he is happily using his frugal innovation and his smart invention even pulls more curious customers.

Sometimes a small experience can be the reason for an immense pleasure. Knowing about Mr Madeshwaran is one such. Watch this amazing video and witness the pleasure of inventing something which is so frugal.


Image Credit: mangaloretoday

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