In this school at Trichy, the number of students has suddenly increased to 109 from 56!! The reason will surprise you

smart classroom

The students of a corporation middle school at Beema Nagar, Trichy are now exposed to a web-based platform, which will enhance their learning experience. All thanks to the headmistress D Raja Rajeswari, who has introduced this virtual method of learning for her students.

The new facility will kindle curiosity and thinking ability among children. We realized that parents wanted their children to learn new things. Parents opt for private schools due to the facilities available in them. After we introduced the smart classroom, we found the numbers increasing in our school, said headmistress D Raja Rajeswari.

The school had just 56 students in the academic year 2015-16. But, after the introduction of smart classroom, with application-based learning technique, the number of students have increased to 109 in the 2016-17.

The classroom has a smart board with a projector and speakers. Internet can be accessed to download relevant content with a computer attached to the facility. Besides, children can have live streaming of classes being taken in a government school at K Paramathi in Karur.

The school has its own blog, highlighting its facilities. A data base containing the contact details of the parents of children studying in the school has also been created.

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