A restaurant that introduced an innovative way to serve humanity

Signs restaurant deaf waiters toronto

You get a regular view when you peek from the glass pane of the window. You see the active wait stuff are busy taking orders and the customers sitting there, are relishing their meals. But once you enter inside, the view completely turns to a startling experience. Yes, startling, yet beautiful!

Signs, a newly opened restaurant in Toronto, Canada suddenly came into the news and has attracted many visitors. But the food and ambiance are not the reasons behind the grown excitement. The restaurant has something different to cater instead!



The Signs runs its business with hearing impaired wait stuff and it is first in Canada of its kind. And the menu designed for the customers is equally enticing with the incorporated graphics and photographs which illustrate the signs for common words. They use the American sign language as the medium of expression. Anjan Manikumar, the owner of the restaurant shared his view with a Canadian news agency and said,

We expect our customers to order using sign language and our menus are designed in such a way that our customers can do that. This will allow our customers to experience the fun of learning something new.

The owner also shared that the inspiration to open Signs germinated in the days when he was working as a server in a restaurant. There he had a customer who had to order by pointing to the menu. And each time after seeing the customer, a thought struck him that whether something could be done to make the process easier for the customer.

The restaurant owner wants the restaurant to become a meeting place for the deaf community. And the motive lies behind ‘Signs’ is to inspire the other organizations and sectors to provide opportunities to the deaf people to get a livelihood in the fields where they generally get rejected.



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