From practicing golf in the mustard fields to win Junior World Golf title – The incredible journey of a milkman’s son, Shubham Jaglan

shubham jaglan

Who can imagine that a son of a milkman from rural India can be the winner of back-to-back titles at the Junior World Golf Championship!! In India, golf is still considered as the sport of rich men. In that circumstance, achievement of Shubham Jaglan, an 11 year-old boy from a poor Indian family has created history in the world of golf.

Shubham initiated playing golf in the mustard fields of his village in the north Indian state of Haryana. He would pile up sands on the rooftop and practice his bunker shots there. Seeing Shubham’s interest in the sport, his father cleared the area behind their house to carve out a three-hole course for his son. Later, his father took him to Madhuban golf course in Karnal.

I started off by playing golf in our ‘sarson ka khet’ (mustard field). My grandfather asked me to take up a new sport instead of obvious and much-easier choice – wrestling. I learnt golf from internet as there was no coach or mentor in our village. Seeing my interest in the game, my father took me to Madhuban golf course in Karnal.

Shubham comes from a region where slapping thighs and challenging opponents in akhaadas is more common than wearing polo t-shirts and flourishing golfing skills. In fact, Shubham’s family has also a rich tradition of wrestlers. The major turning point came when Shubham Jaglan’s talent was discovered by the India’s former top golfer Nonita Lall Qureshi. Shubham was promised free education and free practice at the Delhi Golf Club. To help Shubham pursue his dream, his family made a bold decision; they sold off their dairy cattle farm and moved to Delhi.

He had to make a lot of sacrifice to chase that dream and he is happy to make that sacrifice, which is the best thing about him. His day is very structured, he hardly gets to do what boys his age of do, but he has a passion for golf and he is doing it happily, says coach Nonita Lal Qureshi.

This golf prodigy from India has won the Junior World Golf Championships in 2015. Jaglan is also World Record holder of Classic Junior Open (Under-9), 2012. He is the recipient of the ‘NDTV – Emerging Player’ and ‘Margdarshan’ awards. So far, Shubham Jaglan has won over 100 domestic and international tournaments. Shubham credits his parents, coach and his school for his success. His school, Laxman Public School has played a big role in improving his language skills.


Image Credit: under18


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