Meet this year’s youngest National Bravery Award winner – Shivampet Ruchitha

shivampet ruchitha

We need courage to be brave and the truth is that not all have that courage!! We call some people brave hearts because they have that exemplary courage and great presence of mind to react to an unfavorable situation that demands saving others lives while sacrificing their own. Saluting such brave souls, every year about 24 Indian children from all over the country are awarded National Bravery Award for their meritorious acts of bravery against all odds. 8-year-old Shivampet Ruchitha from Telangana is one among 25 brave young Indians, who received this year’s Bravery award. Let all of us know about the courageous act of this youngest bravery award winner of 2016.

On July 24, 2014, Shivampet Ruchitha saved two of her schoolmates when a train hit their school bus. When she noticed that their bus had stopped on a railway track and a train was coming towards them, Ruchitha showed extraordinary presence of mind and saved two students. Ruchitha pushed them out of the window and she too jumped out. Unfortunately, Ruchitha could not save her younger sister who was sitting in the front row. Her younger brother was also on the bus, but he managed to escape. The accident took the life of 16 students, bus driver and the conductor.

I called out to my younger sister who was sitting in the first row, but I could not save her and others as the train had hit the bus by then, said Shivampet Ruchitha.

Shivampet Ruchitha has been awarded with Geeta Chopra award for her astonishing act of bravery. The award contains a cash prize of Rs. 40,000, a medal, a citation and also a chance to participate in the Republic Day parade.

It feels good to have the limelight and get an award from the Prime Minister. But I wish I was able to save my sister, too, as we all miss her, says Ruchitha.


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