Read the inspiring story of Shekar Naik, captain of Indian Blind Cricket team

shekar naik captain indian blind cricket team

The country India enjoyed the pleasure of seamless joy when he and his team brought the world cup. He is a visually impaired, who led Indian cricket team (blind) in the T20 world cup against Pakistan.

The narration of Shekar Naik’s life and his achievements is a description of a journey that has been travelled through a zigzag path. It is a story about a blind child, who had not known ever about the game ‘cricket’ till he was 13 years old. The game came to Shekar’s knowledge when he joined the special school and his liking developed and later he mastered the game.

Shekar Naik was born blind. Shekar was born to the parents who worked in the paddy fields for survival and could only offer him a hand to mouth life. The family lived in the small district of Shimoga in Karnataka. It was a day in 1994 when the real turning event of his life occurred. Shekar was strolling with his parents one day and accidently slipped into a canal. Shekar was badly hurt and his right side of the temple was severely injured. Since the small district had no adequate hospital facilities, Shekar was taken to Bangalore for treatment. There he learnt that he could regain some eyesight in his right eye, thus he was operated and he literally gained about 60% eyesight in his right eye. Shekar was overjoyed experiencing the tiny little drops of colours, offered by life. He met happiness finally. Happiness that lived not for long! Just after three months of his operation, Shekar’s father passed away.

After his father’s demise his mother looked after him. She soldiered on to assure Shekar a better life. In 1997, she took Shekar to Shri Sharada Devi School for blinds. Shekar Naik was enrolled in the first grade when he was 11 years old. In that school he learned about cricket, a game he never heard before. Shekar started enjoying the game and very soon he realized that he was naturally good in the game. Shekar’s supportive coach helped him to hone his skills on the game. And outside field, it was Shekar’s mother who motivated him the most. With the passing time, he started cherishing his new life with the game and his mother. But this stint too was very short! In 1998, Shekar’s mother expired and left him all alone.

Shekar Naik was just a 12 year old boy when his mother passed away and the incident left him depressed about life. He had nobody to even console him. At times, he got angry with God because Shekar thought God had snatched away both of his parents. Initially, during vacations, Shekar’s uncle used to come to take him along to his house. But after some years, when Shekar got promoted to Grade 5, that lone solace was also extracted. His uncle too stopped coming to his school. Then Shekar started spending all his vacations working in farm fields where he used to earn about Rs 1000 to Rs 1500.

It's Cricket, No – The story of the Indian Blind Cricket team

Life was harsh but difficulties could not bind him to the limitations. The optimistic teen zeroed in on the game and braved all complexities. In 2001, an under-18 cricket tournament was held in Hyderabad, which turned out to be the stepping stone of his life. Shekar got the Man of the series award in that tournament. After that performance, in 2002, Shekar was selected for the national team to play in the World cup 2002 and there he was awarded Man of the match twice, against Australia and Sri Lanka.

In 2004, the team had been to Pakistan where they played five matches against the host team and won two. In one match, Shekar scored 198 runs, which is his highest international score. In 2005, Pakistan came to India where he bagged the Man of the match once again. From 2005 to 2010, he was bestowed with many such awards. In 2010 Shekhar was selected to lead Team India (blind) and during his leadership, the Team won the first ever T20 World cup against Pakistan in 2012.

Shekar Naik has never been deterred by the vagaries of life; instead living a life that has motivated many. With shocking surprises, life shattered him, cheated him but rather lamenting his pain, he made clear his stand; decided to fight and emerged victorious.

 Nobody is strong. Nobody is weak. It’s all in the way you see and perceive it. Concentrating on what we lack, only gives us pain. But when you are busy concentrating on what is in hand and what can be done next, you don’t get time to see what you lack, as you eventually get surrounded by what you want. Good luck. Stay positive. Keep rocking. Shekar Naik


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