Technological revolution in Indian farming – Drone seed bombing initiated by IISc Bangalore scientists

seed bombing drone

A team of scientists from the Department of Aerodynamics, IISc Bangalore, in partnership with the Karnataka Department of Forest is planning to restore 10,000 acres of barren land in Karnataka using a seed bombing drone. The project will use a drone since it will be faster than any human being.

The advantage with drones is that we have the image before dropping the seeds, and can geotag the path. Subsequently, once every three months we can fly over that area and see the impact of dropping the seeds, said one of the scientists.

The targeted area of land is spread around the Doddaballapur hill range, north of Bangalore. On the World Environment Day, June 5, the team held its first ever drone-seeding trial on the banks of river Pinakini in the Gauribidanur area in Karnataka’s Kolar district. The team is hopeful that the drone could restore an area of 10,000 acres of forest with 3 seed bombings over a period of 3 years.

What we have in mind is to at least seed 10,000 acres and we will be doing this every year, for three consecutive years — Professor S N Omkar.


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