SaveGlobe’s e-shop gives you valid reasons to say no to plastics


They used to worry whenever the thought of rising demand of plastic products struck their minds. And the very thought often left a heavy burden on their conscience. That is why PVS Suhasan Reddy and Harika resigned from their respective jobs in 2011, and became a part of ‘say no to plastic mission’. They started awareness programs to educate people about the dangers lurking behind the convenience which people generally avail from using plastic products.

Plastic products are durable, easy to manage and cost friendly. ‘If not plastic, then what else?’- is the most asked question they faced during the entire awareness process. But the question struck home and they woke up to the fact that casting plastic aside was a rather difficult job. They started working on alternatives and ended up with the SaveGlobe e-store.


SaveGlobe offers eco-friendly product at affordable prices. It focuses on products made from agricultural by-products to encourage people to go with an alternative instead of using the traditional plastic. The store deals with biodegradable products like disposable tableware, eco-friendly dinnerware, kitchenware, earthen products, bamboo products, jute and coconut coir products, shopping bags and many more.

The ingredients they use to craft their products are sugarcane bagasse, bamboo fibre, rice husk wood etc. SaveGlobe also provides products made of Areca leaves. Edible cutlery is new in its venture list. The edible spoons and forks are fashioned from wheat, cornstarch and water and are hard backed with ‘zero’ fat. Most of the products are washable, renewable and microwaveable. The products are ranged from Rs 2 to Rs 1500.


The company initially started its journey with 15 domestic and international clients but with the passing time they got in touch with more in the field. The general preference always goes with the durability and the low cost factor of plastic and that is the biggest challenge SaveGlobe has been facing till date. With the established demand of plastic products, promoting biodegradable products has become more difficult. It is understood that vanquish plastic is not an overnight thing.

But Harika, the co-owner of SaveGlobe is quite positive about it. She firmly believes that we the people had survived thousands of years without plastic before the plastic originated and we know how to survive without it.

We just need to focus on the harmful consequences of using plastic. With the growing awareness and greater marketing strategies, these biodegradable products which are better for our earth’s health will touch the peak one day, said the eco-activist.

SaveGlobe has a very strong online presence. To know more log in to

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