Why Dr. V Balasubramanian of Coimbatore was considered a God like figure by the locals

20 rupees doctor

God has given me sufficient money to take care of myself. I’m helping the sick and weak to recover their health. Let God do the rest of the work. – Dr. V Balasubramanian

People say doctors are God!! This proverb may not be applied to every doctor, but one such deiform was indeed there on earth – Dr. V Balasubramanian, a physician who was popularly known as ‘Rs 20 doctor’. Thousands of people gathered to offer their last homage to this great humanitarian, who passed away last Friday at his residence at Singanallur.

V Balasubramanian only charged Rs 20 to treat his patients. Sometimes a dose of injections or tablets were also included in that Rs. 20.  If one-time consultation didn’t work and the patient had to go back to him again, he wouldn’t take more money from them. His humanitarian practice made him favorite among Coimbatore locals.

Dr Balasubramanian joined the Employee’s State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) as a Medical Officer after completing his MBBS in 1973. He settled down in Coimbatore seven years ago and set up the clinic after retiring from a government hospital. His clinic would be open from 8.30 am to 10 pm. 150-200 patients used to visit his clinic in a single day.


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