The Roti Bank in the city of Ajanta-Ellora caves, Aurangabad – A food bank for the poor

roti bank

The city of Ajanta-Ellora caves Aurangabad, has recently launched a unique ‘Roti bank‘ for the poor, where people can deposit rotis and any vegetarian or non vegetarian dish. From the Roti bank, poor, aged, sick or any unemployed people can take a freshly-cooked rotis and a vegetarian or non-vegetarian dish. Similar kind of venture has been already in Bundelkhand, Uttar Pradesh. But the concept is first of its kind in Maharashtra. Roti bank was launched on December 5 by Yusuf Mukati, founder of the Haroon Mukati Islamic Centre (HMIC).

Over the years, I saw many poor people, especially Muslims, who can’t afford one square meal a day. The situation is pathetic in large families with just one breadwinner. But because they live a dignified life, they do not resort to begging, said Mukati.

After discussing with his wife Kauser, and his four married sisters, 38-year-old Mukati finally made the Roti bank to the public with some 250 depositors. The Roti bank is meant only for the poor but, beggars will not be entertained.

For Roti Bank’s membership, people have to fill up a form. Each member gets a specific code number. They have to simply deliver two freshly cooked rotis and a plate of vegetarian or non-vegetarian food that they prepare for family at home daily. Within a fortnight, the membership shot up by nearly 25 percent and the membership is still growing. People can deposit food once a day or even more. The Roti bank is open from 11am to 11pm. Needy can come to collect food as per their convenience and availability.


Image Credit: motivateme


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