Dr. Roman Saini, one of the youngest IAS officers, who quits his job to be an educator

roman saini

Almost every Indian teenager has a dream to become an IAS. And what anyone as young as 24 would need if he already has a medical degree, cracked the toughest exam in India to become an assistant district collector? But for few youngsters, success is not counted unless and until they help others in fulfilling their dreams!! This is why probably Roman Saini left his top bureaucratic job to be an academician.

Roman Saini resigned from his post as an assistant collector of Jabalpur and co-ventured with Gaurav Munjal to start ‘Unacademy’, an online educational platform on YouTube that helps aspiring doctors, civil servants, computer programmers. Roman was inspired in the venture by co-founder Gaurav Munjal, who has also stepped down as CEO of his Bengaluru start-up to start unacademy.in.

My focus is on making quality education accessible and I think the offline mode is not the way to achieve it. There is a massive need for technological intervention due to paucity of infrastructure and human resources to meet the demand of millions. That is why I decided to pursue full-time the concept of Unacademy, says Saini.

The success of these two men from Jaipur is well defined when their free YouTube lectures have helped 10 others pass civil service exam. The Unacademy’s aim is to make the lessons available to people, who can neither spend much on preparations nor travel far from home for coaching classes. Over 400 video lessons crafted by 31 educators have been uploaded since its formal launch on December 15, 2015. Currently, all the lessons are conducted in English, but plans are already on to provide them in other Indian languages.

Right now we have lessons on computer programming, economics, geography, biology, law and other subjects. An IIT scientist takes care of science and technology, a French teacher is teaching French, and other passionate students of Unacademy are coming forward to create high quality lessons. For instance, Prudhvi Tej, who topped IIT-JEE 2011 is teaching physics, says Gaurav Munjal.


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