Richard Nares, father who lost his son to cancer, now determined to help other kids


Parents are the metaphorical representatives of God, created by God himself on earth because He cannot reach all places. But there are some parents, despite of trying to keep their child safe and snug under their best protective hands, unfortunately feel helpless when they are forced to prepare their kid for the combat with cancer.

To help someone in grief may bring relief to an immeasurable pain, build a sense of satisfaction within and confidence that possesses a power to heal. Richard Nares, a grieving father who lost his son Emilio to Leukemia in 2000, may had been driven by the very thought when he decided to organize free rides to the hospital for poor children with cancer. Two years after losing their son, Richard and his wife Diane Nares decided to start Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF) in San Diego, on their son’s name with the motive to assist families with children who are fighting childhood cancer.

Check this inspiring video by CNN to know about Richard Nares and Emilio Nares Foundation (ENF):

CNN Hero: Richard Nares

According to Richard, many children and their families find difficulties to get a reliable and affordable transportation to access their chemotherapy sessions on time. He even discovered that parents are forced to take leave from their jobs without pay due to lack of other support systems within reach, and kids having to ride the bus alone to get their chemotherapy treatment. So, he decided to organize a program named ‘Ride with Emilio’ under the banner of ENF, with the help of which children would be able to reach and access their treatments on time.

Emilio Nares Foundation provides many other services along with the main free transportation service. A very exclusive program called ‘Bereavement and Burial Support’ has been designed to cover the burial expenses occurred to the families, after losing their children in cancer. They run various Patient Advocacy Programs to build a support group amongst parents and families and a resource centre to help people by providing information and creating awareness about cancer.

It has been estimated that ENF drives more than 40,000 miles a year, to provide the free ride service to the patients in San Diego

Richard Nares was rewarded by the CNN Top Ten Hero award in 2013 for his services. Nares, with his incessant dedication to his goal to make grief stricken family’s reach easy to the treatments, sets an example to follow. By paving the path, he shimmers a light of hope, for the one who lost his way in the disorientation of darkness. Richard Nares teaches us the lesson of life, that sings: the greatest way to make escape from the pain is to rescue someone else who is in pain.

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