Ria Sharma became the first Indian to receive the Global Goals Awards!! Here’s what she did

ria sharma

26 years old Ria Sharma became the first Indian to receive the Leadership Award at the 2017 Global Goals Awards on 19th September, for her outstanding contribution towards the acid attack survivors. Her organization Make Love Not Scars (MLNS) supports and rehabilitates victims of acid attack throughout the country. It also raises awareness about the issue.

The Global Goals Awards are given to the individuals, who have contributed considerably towards achieving UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Ria’s journey began when she was in the third year of her graduate program at Leeds College of Arts, UK, and she returned to India to make a documentary on acid attack survivors. Throughout the process Ria interacted with a lot of survivors who touched her heart and inspired her to do something about it. That is how her organization MLNS was born. Make Love Not Scars also ensures free treatment for the victims at all the hospitals. The victims receive government compensation and legal aid to hire lawyers and fund their legal battle against the accused.

My hopes for the future are that one day; the organization that I worked so hard to build doesn’t have to exist at all. Because that would mean we were successful in putting an end to acid attacks altogether, Ria said.

Ria’s organization also provides a platform for the survivors to interact with employers and get hired, through their job portal. They opened a first-of-its-kind rehabilitation centre for acid attack survivors in New Delhi last year.


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