Resha – an Indian startup to save traditional hand crafted textiles


Resha – the smallest unit of the textile process, that passes through the hands of one craftsper­son to the other, carrying forward the Indian tradition of hand­-made textiles, to create pieces that have abundance of life and spontaneity.

Medhavini, A textile graduate from National Institute of Design started Resha in November 2013 with a vision of exploring and enjoying the beautiful and rich tra­dition of handloom weaving of the country.


Medhavini believes in revival of traditional designs and giving a contemporary twist to them. Fresh perspective and play­ing with colors form an essential part of her design methodology. The im­agination is not limited by market trends and forecasts, but is inspired from the people, surroundings, mood and emotions.

We believe that every woman is special and beautiful with a lot of love, care, courage, strength and fire bundled into her. We trust that this fire will en­hance the beauty of our sarees – Madhavini

Resha works with artisans in clusters like Banaras, Maheshwar, Murshidabad, Bhagalpur etc. The rich tradition of hand weaving is dying because of industrialization in textiles. It aspires to showcase the wonderful art of weaving that our country has pre­served through centuries. The art, that has been passed on from generations and runs in the families of artisans.


Each Resha is unique with its own beauty and when a lady wears it, the love for weaving and craftsmanship can be very well felt by her.

Contact info: [email protected]

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