Prisoners of the California Prison helping rescued dogs to give them a new life

rescued dogs

The first thing that comes to our mind when we think of ‘prison’ is, it’s a place for criminals. But to everyone’s astonishment, prisoners of California State Prison in Los Angeles County have helped some rescued dogs to get a second life, by training them for 12 weeks. After the program, those trained dogs were handed over to the adoptive families.

Photographers Shaughn Crawford and John DuBois spent six days inside the prison and captured some of the beautiful images of inmates along with the dogs, lounging in cells, playing in the prison yard, going through the training and of course their bonding.

I was really blown away by how compassionate they were and how much these guys cared for these animals. Their passion and their love for these dogs were really heart-warming. Even sometime, they would start crying when they talked about it. Said Crawford.

California State Prison in LA County is the only one prison in the state where inmates serving lifetime sentences train rescued dogs. Paws for Life, a prison program which was developed by LA non-profit Karma Rescue, gives dogs an opportunity to become Canine Good Citizens, an American Kennel Club designation that makes it easier for them to get adopted. There are plans to expand the program to six other prisons.

Paws For Life – Karma Rescue


Image Credit: insidecdcr




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