Now environmentally harmful plastics can be turned into a useful resource!! Read to know how

repurpose plastic bottles

Do you remember the last time you bought a drink in a plastic bottle? Chances are that without a second thought, you threw away the bottle when you were done. That’s what most of us do. Plastic is one of the most disposable materials in the modern world. Plastic bottles make up approximately 11% of the contents of landfills, causing serious environmental consequences.

Samarpan Foundation has chosen to transform and repurpose these overlooked and environmentally harmful plastic bottles into a useful resource. They have constructed a functional living space in New Delhi, using hundreds of used PET bottles instead of conventional bricks. Discarded PET (Polyethelene Terephthalate) bottles were collected, manually sorted by size, compactly filled with mud and sealed.  Then these bottle bricks were cemented together to construct the floor, walls and roof of the dwelling.


Replacing conventional bricks with plastic bottles will help the environment in many ways. Waste creation will be greatly reduced as bottles become a resource and attract value.

Improved sustainable management of plastic bottle waste will greatly reduce pollution of land and water bodies. It will help in reducing carbon emissions during the baking of bricks and also considerably lower the demand for conventional construction materials. As the volunteers of Samarpan Foundation discovered, these innovative bricks are easy to use and build. In rural areas this can lead to the creation of new jobs, especially for women and youths.

Recycling plastic bottles is a great idea. So next time you buy that drink in a plastic bottle, think twice before chucking the empty bottle. Your small contribution can definitely add up to make a big difference.


Source: Samarpan Foundation


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