7 unspoken golden rules for a happy relationship

happy couple

The spark in a relationship may fade away with due course of time. This happens because time changes and no one can expect that things will be as charming as it was at the beginning. But, it does not mean the fun and spark in our relationship should die entirely. Therefore, it makes sense that we make sure to keep it healthy, interesting, fun and loving always. Below are some beautiful tips and tricks on how to keep the romance alive in your relationship.

Value your partner

It is often seen that the charm in a relationship never remains the same, when time passes. Have you ever questioned it to yourself why that happens? If you do, you will find that the major reason behind is we take our partners for granted. Somehow we tend to develop feelings like ‘she/he is mine already’!! This should not be the mindset at any given point of your time. Value your partner the same way you were doing at the beginning of your relationship. Although time changes and we get busy in our daily activities, but make it a point to show your love and affection towards your partner from time to time. We can enjoy the same charm in our relationship, provided we don’t take things for granted.

Talk about your memories

Talk about the amazing times you spent together. Let each other know how those moments are close to your heart and what makes them so special. While talking about the beautiful memories of the past, just don’t forget to make some new.

Smile and laugh often

Laughter is a very good medicine, both for health and for a healthy relationship. But, many of us stop doing it once we’re in the middle of a long term relationship. Keep it in mind that you’re supposed to enjoy each other’s company, so smile or laugh together, which will definitely make the moments awesome.

Be honest

Come whatever, be honest with your partner. Everyone wants his or her partner to be loyal and honest. Share everything, even if there’s something that you enjoy and your partner doesn’t!! That builds trust and trust plays the key role in a healthy relationship.

Dedicate few hours for each other everyday

Every relationship needs time, no matter how old it turns. Even though we are too much busy in this modern world, but we should always have some spare time for our loved one. After all, if we can’t give time to the most special person of our life, then whom we will be investing our time upon!! So now on wards, make sure to spend some quality time with your partner. Have some dedicated time for each other and try to keep everything aside in those hours.

Be each others best friend

Every good relationship starts with a good friendship. One should always feel comfortable with his or her partner. Have fun, talk more and talk anything, pull each others leg, be funny and make each other smile, but don’t be passionless with your partner. Be each others strength when needed. Share each others desires and also know what both of you expect from each other. No two individuals are same and not even our requirements!! But we can at least try to fulfill some of the basic needs and do some simple things to make each other happy. For example, if your short call during lunch break makes your partner happy, then what’s the problem in doing that? After all, everyone likes to be loved and cared.

Opt for a second honeymoon

There is no rigid rule that you can go for your honeymoon only for once. Normal everyday life makes our relationship boring. Take a break and go for a vacation with your love. Sometimes you just need to get away and rediscover your passion for one another.


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