Are you following these 5 strong rules that every happy couple follows

happy couple

Everyone wants a happy, beautiful and indeed a long lasting relationship. Though there are no specific rules that can actually define how stable a relationship would be, but we can definitely try to make it the most beautiful thing in our life. Certain do’s and don’ts that everyone should follow in a relationship. The people who are extremely happy and stable in their relationship always follow these few basic rules.

Take your time

No two individuals are same. Sometimes we may not able to understand a person, even if we spend most of our time with him. Take your time to understand your partner. And most importantly, you don’t need to know each and everything about your partner. Respect each others privacy and learn to give space to each other. It’s okay to have secrets.

Do listen to each other

The common mistakes that people make is not to listen. Sometimes, your partner may go through some kind of crisis or may be in a situation, when he or she would love to get your attention. Some people have got the habit of not sharing things and they swallow the pain alone, which is sometimes harmful. Being in a relationship, you must understand each other’s needs and also the moods. And that is why it is very important to take out some time to sit with your partner daily, so that you understand if everything is all right.

Be passionate

It is often seen people lack passion, once relationship gets older. Don’t be passionless. Go for dates, movies or even surprise your partner with a sudden candle light dinner. Do make it a point to travel together or sometimes separately; it’s absolutely okay. Be crazy and do everything, but don’t be passionless in a relationship. This is one of the biggest relationship advice or tips that one should follow – after all, who wants to be in a passionless relationship?

Never forget to compliment each other

Everyone loves to get some compliments and so does your partner! So never miss an opportunity to compliment each other. Tell her how beautiful she is and tell him how much he means to you.

Forgive, Forget and Admit when you are wrong

The best relationship advice is to forget the unpleasant incidents. But, if you forgive but don’t forget, did you really forgive? Life is too short to have grudges or bad memories. Moreover, never forget to admit whenever you are wrong. Saying ‘sorry’ to your partner won’t cost you anything, but will definitely help you to build a strong relationship.

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