Meet one of the real life heroes of Kerala flood who saved a child from drowning

real life hero Kanayya Kumar

Heavy rains in Kerala have caused an unbelievable amount of destruction. As many as 29 lives have been claimed by the torrential rain that has led to floods and landslides in Kerala. Amidst the vigorous rescue efforts, one particular rescue has captured everyone’s attention. A video shot by a News 18 journalist has gone viral, where a rescue official is seen running across the bridge with a child in his arms. The incident happened at the Cheruthoni bridge after the fifth gate of the Idukki dam was opened and the water was released into the Cheruthoni river. That real life hero was later identified as Kanayya Kumar. Kanayya rescued the child just on time, and just a few minutes after the incident, the bridge was completely submerged.

Kerala Flood: NDRF Official's Brave Effort To Save A Child From Drowning Caught In Camera

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