Profile Junior-Senior High School’s students donated their class trip money for their principal’s cancer treatment

profile junior senior high school

Courtney Vashaw, the principal of Profile Junior-Senior High School in New Hampshire, broke down in tears when the senior students cancelled their senior class trip this year and donate all the funds for her cancer treatment.

Courtney Vashaw is battling a rare form of soft tissue cancer. When the Class of 2015 found out, they decided to sacrifice something they’d been looking forward to for years. Students had saved about $8,000 for the trip to a dude ranch in upstate New York. But after knowing about Vashaw’s illness, they all decided to give the money to her instead.

We decided not to go on our senior class trip this year and donate all of our funds for the cause. She’s just very caring, very selfless, and we wanted to be selfless, too. Class Treasurer Ian Baker said.

Courtney Vashaw became too emotional. She is a private person, but since she wouldn’t be at school for a while, so she decided to tell the students about her illness. She hopes to start treatment for synovial sarcoma soon after giving the seniors their diplomas.


She is one of the strongest, most determined women I know and if it can happen to her, you know, anything can happen to anyone, said Hunter Leighton, a senior.

It will be an emotional graduation for Principal Courtney Vashaw and the senior class at Profile Junior-Senior High School in New Hampshire. The students are also planning together a vintage car rally in August to raise money for Courtney Vashaw.


Image Credit: cbsnews

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