Princes William and Harry joined BBC’s DIY SOS team to build homes for veterans

william harry

Princes William and Harry joined the BBC’s DIY SOS, a reality show that refurbishes homes, to build abodes for veterans struggling with a range of health and financial problems in Manchester. It will renovate eight empty homes and update 62 properties and there are total 26 homes reserved for veterans.

Both veterans themselves, Princes William and Harry got into work, wearing hard hats with their respective names emblazoned on them. William painted a kitchen, whereas Harry laid paving stones in a garden.

240 volunteers and builders joined them, who hope to complete the campaign by the end of the week. William and Harry also met some of the veterans whom their volunteer work is helping. They also spoke with a triple amputee, Lamin Manneh. The show has enabled Manneh to get an accessible home.

In addition to building homes, the project will erect a support center, which will help veterans with physical or mental health issues. The project is getting support from the Royal British Legion and Walking with the Wounded, a charity of which Harry has been a longtime supporter.

There are nearly 9,000 vets in England sleeping on the streets. Residents who are benefiting from the program hope that it inspires other similar initiatives to help veterans struggling in the society and William and Harry hope their work will keep vets in the public eye.

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