This Mumbai based folk rock band’s song will take you through the beautiful stories of Indian villages


Mumbai based folk rock band Pravaah has recently released their debut song Mukaam. Mukaam is a song about seeking oneself. As humans, we are always ‘looking out’ but sometimes, all we need to do is to look within ourselves, what we truly want. This is exactly what their lyrics convey. The song has beautiful usage of metaphors and the melody has a good 90’s vibe to it.

For the video, the band traveled to the interiors of Rajasthan where they found how people are doing extraordinary things with limited resources. Living in cities, we don’t even get to know this because our mainstream media doesn’t cover it.

In order to encourage kids, Pravaah has tied up with Doosra Dashak, a public charitable trust that focuses on empowering kids who are in the second decade of their lives (age 11 to 19, hence the name ‘Doosra Dashak’). Doosra Dashak has been addressing the learning needs of the school going adolescents belonging to the most marginalized communities in remote rural areas. Their alumnis have gone on to become doctors, engineers, sports persons. There’s even a female sarpanch (big thing in a remote village of India) who has come out from this programme. Pravaah has also tied up with Meenu School, Chachiyawas which takes specially abled children, educates them and encourages them to lead a life as everyone else. The kids also strive hard by themselves to overcome their medical condition and focus on building skills.

Pravaah found kids who are excelling in sports (playing at national level), topping classes or overcoming disabilities; all this while living with so many constraints. These kids even help their parents in daily chores like farming, cooking, etc. Some don’t even have their parents anymore.

As a child, we keep doing things what we love, and that too with a smile, without any complain. It’s only when we grow older, we surround ourselves with issues or excuses (society’s expectations/conforming to beliefs) and forget that there’s probably a purpose of our existence. That’s what Pravaah has tried to convey via the video. Hope this thought resonates with everyone and makes a small impact in the minds of the viewers.

Do watch the song and look how beautiful the world is.

Pravaah – Mukaam (Official Video)

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