Spread the language of love by donating your child’s old toys to someone less fortunate-an initiative by Goonj and Johnson’s Baby


Every child is special and so is their childhood. But not all children are fortunate enough to have a childhood like a fairy tale, surrounded by toys, dolls or beautiful dresses. Here comes a good news. Goonj, a renowned NGO in collaboration with Johnson’s Baby, has come up with a remarkable initiative named ‘Share the Language of Love’, to share your child’s old toys, clothes and other belongings with a child who is also special but less fortunate.

Johnson's Baby Share the Language of Love

Her cherished bunny, a favorite night-time story, those pink shoes with bows – these are just some of the things your child loved when she was a little baby. Now those can light up and bring joy to someone else. You can share your child’s once – favorite clothes, toys, books and other belongings with less fortunate children who’ll cherish and love it.

Journey Of A Toy

This small but wonderful initiative by Goonj and Johnson & Johnson has brought smiles to many children across the country. After all, it’s all about sharing the language of love and to let every child enjoy their childhood and feel special.

Give a missed call on 18002676767/18002672222 or visit the website www.babycenter.in/languageoflove to know your nearest dropping centers in selected cities which are open from 12 noon to 8 PM on Saturdays and Sundays till June 1st, 2014. For further enquiry, you can write to [email protected]

Courtesy: www.goonj.org

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  1. Anmol George says:

    Hallo i d like to know more about goonj in kerala.How can i become a volunteer for the same?