Gurgaon police station turned lively with colours, toys and a nanny for kids

police station

Police station’s surroundings are always traumatizing and especially not kids friendly. It is often seen kids accompanying adults to the police station. But, now onwards, young visitors at the women’s police station in Sector 51 will no longer have to witness quarrels or any other injured victims; it has a two-room ‘Phulwari’ complete with toys, puzzles and a nanny to ensure children do not get affected by the surroundings.

police station

Kids often accompany adults to the police station and find the surroundings traumatizing. A number of times, children themselves are the victims and in a traditional police station, they find it difficult to tell us what happened. The play area is meant to provide a friendly environment, which engages them and lets them relax, said ACP Dharna Yadav.

About 8-10 children walk into the station daily with couples facing marital conflict. They can be in Phulwari and use their time creatively. The rooms have been painted with colourful motifs and stocked with story books, art and craft material, puzzles and toys to engage children between 3 to 12 years of age.

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