This Kenyan man is changing the recycling industry of Kenya by manufacturing building materials from waste


When Aghan Oscar of Kenya witnessed increasing quantity of plastic waste on the beaches of his city, he came up with an ingenious way to plastic waste recycling and save trees at the same time. He founded Continental Renewable Energy (COREC) thirteen years ago, a small plastic waste recycling company based in Nairobi that collects garbage and turns it into road signage and poles.

Now his company produces poles, which are used in construction, farming, and road signage. Most of his customers are farmers and developers who once used wooden fence poles. Moreover, solid black polythene poles are more durable and cheaper than timber. The most important point here is that usage of these plastic products has reduced the usage of timber substantially.

One kilogram of plastic waste saves 2.5kg of carbon emissions, and for every 10 plastic posts produced, one tree is saved. Plastic waste recycling is definitely the best bet in conserving the environment, said Aghan Oscar.


Timber used for fences and signage is often vandalized in the lower-income neighborhoods and used for firewood. It also deteriorates faster and contributes to receding forest land. Polythene products made out of post-consumer materials and sand are not only far more durable, but much cheaper too.

I have fenced my piece of land three times using wood posts, but most of the time the fence was vandalized by villagers who used the posts as firewood. Now plastic posts have stopped the problem, said Caleb Kapten, one of Aghan’s customers from Bungoma in western Kenya.

Aghan Oscar ‘s company COREC currently employs over 250 local Kenyan youth to gather plastic waste and work the assembly line. Aghan believes that recycling waste can generate jobs for the youth and at the same time save the planet.


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