Polish discus thrower Piotr Malachowski auctions off his Olympic medal to fund the surgery of a 3 years old

piotr malachowski

After securing a silver medal at the Rio Olympic, 2016, Polish discus thrower Piotr Malachowski decided to auction off his medal and the decision left everyone spellbound. The champion said he received a letter from the mother of a boy named Olek, where it was written that the three-year-old Olek had been fighting with cancer. And treatment in New York was his only hope. Little Olek needed a retinoblastoma surgery. Retinoblastoma is a rare form of cancer that develops from the immature cells of the retina, which mostly occurs in children. The money required for the surgery is $1,26,000.

Moved by the fact, Malachowski took no time to announce the auction. He shared his willingness on Facebook and wrote, ‘I fought for gold in Rio. Today I am calling on everyone to fight for something even more precious.’

He was initially looking for $84,000 but the highest bid he got was $19,000. But then reading his urge, the Polish billionaire siblings, Dominika and Sebastian Kulczyk came forward and expressed their desire to buy the medal. Malachowski, immediately pulled down the auction. Later he updated a Facebook post saying that the siblings declared their willingness to buy his silver medal for an amount which enabled to meet the goal set.

The elated discus thrower thanked everyone and wrote again, ‘we were able to show that together we can do wonders. My silver medal today is worth a lot more than a week ago. It is worth the life of little Olek. It is our greatest shared success.’

Piotr Malachowski, achieved his first silver in 2008, Summer Olympic at Beijing, China. It is said that his throwing distance are counted as more remarkable as he is not as tall as most of the discus throwers. Malachowski’s personal best throw is 71.84 metres, which he achieved on 8th June, 2013 at Hengelo, Netherlands.


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