Phyllis Shaughnessy, the grandma who delivers free summer lunches to needy kids

phyllis shaughnessy

Until the schools reopen in her rural Washington State community, Phyllis Shaughnessy has decided to feed the school children. This great-grandmother is feeding all the 200 kids, when she found out that these kids, who receive free or subsidized cafeteria meals during the academic year, may go without it during the long summer months.

The school district in Gray’s Harbor County, Washington, didn’t have money to provide free or reduced price meals to low income kids over the summer. So Phyllis Shaughnessy rounded up volunteers, raised some funds and got the Green Lantern Tavern to donate kitchen space.

Phyllis Shaughnessy and her volunteers meet every morning at around 6.30, to pack lunches, featuring non-perishable food, and then delivers ‘Green Lantern Lunches’ to the kids.

Phyllis Shaughnessy plans to deliver school supplies later this month and keep the food program going on weekends and holidays throughout the school year.


Image Credit: people


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