An elegy to the innocent lives lost in Peshawar attack

peshawar attack

In the face of harsh reality, that presents itself in a more brutal way than ever with each passing day, it is high time that we as adults, realize our responsibility, who control the present of the young ones in a major way. After the recent savagely violent Peshawar attack, where many innocent children lost their lives, every individual out there should make sure that such hatred does not pass on to the future generation. Let us all put in best of our efforts to create a better world.

An Elegy to the Innocent Lives Lost in Peshawar

Sunil Jhurani

Sunil Jhurani started his career as a researcher and taught Business Communication and Mass Communication at Rizvi College, Bandra. But he gave up both these careers to become a film-maker. He is presently working as an assistant director with Dungarpur Films.

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