After 400 years, Parsuram temple in Garhwal’s Jaunsar Bawar now allows entry of women and dalits

parsuram temple

India, the home to the ancient Indus Valley Civilization, is a land with multitudinous culture and religions. Annie Besant had rightly said that ‘India is a country in which every great religion finds a home’. In this very India, there are few age old traditions which still exist, no matter how authentic they may be!! But our society is changing and so does the mindset of the people. In regard to change, the famous Parsuram temple in Garhwal’s Jaunsar Bawar region has recently cited a very good example, when the management of the temple decided to make an end to the 400 year old tradition of banning women and dalits to enter the temple.

The decision has been taken in a bid to move with the times. This region is on the path of progress. Our literacy rate has gone up and people want scenarios to change, said chairman of the committee, Jawahar Singh Chauhan.

However, temple authorities also justified that there had been no official rule stopping dalits from coming to the temple. Breaking the age old tradition, temple authority is sending a strong message that everyone is equal before the Almighty and no one can be stopped from entering a place of worship.

Thousands of people offer animal sacrifices in this 400 year old temple. Taking a positive move, temple authority has also said that there will no more slaughter of animals of any kind.


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