From being a cancer survivor to become a successful entrepreneur, Pallavi Borkataky’s life story is as exciting as a roller coaster ride

Pallavi Borkotoki

Cancer taught me the real value of my life – Pallavi Borkataky.

A mother of a 5 year old kid, a successful entrepreneur and a cancer survivor; words fall short when it comes to describe this amazing lady who has defied every odd in her life not only just to be a successful lady but also paved an inspirational way forward for others to follow.

Pallavi Borkataky was born and brought up in the beautiful city of Tezpur, Assam. Since her teenage, she was passionate for fashion designing. Even though Pallavi lacks any formal training but she started designing at a very young age. But her dreams shattered when she was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma immediately just after her marriage.

Pallavi Borkotoki

It was in the year 2006, when Pallavi’s big day was nearing, her health started to deteriorate day by day. Her situation worsens when her illness could not be detected at the first place. Nearly after six months of sufferings, it was finally detected that Pallavi was in the last stage of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. She was just newly married then; her whole world went upside down!! It was not only terrible for her, but also for her family. But giving up was never a choice for Pallavi.

Just before her treatment started, she promised to her doctor that she will recover from this deadly disease. And yes, she kept her promise as expected. Pallavi had to undergo twelve chemo therapies and other medications. By the grace of God and with the immense love and support from her family, especially from her husband Mridu, Pallavi defied death!! She survived from the last stage of cancer, which was not less than a miracle.

Pallavi’s inspiring story does not end here. After recovering from cancer, she became a mother of a baby boy in 2012. Pallavi had faced so many ups and down in her life, yet she never gave up on her dreams. She continued her passion for designing. Finally in 2017, Pallavi began her entrepreneurial journey; she started her own clothing ranges under the banner of ‘Ethnic Axom by Padmini’.

Pallavi Borkotoki

Her designs at Ethnic Axom have the ethnic touch of Assam and North East India. One can also find a good fusion of North Eastern wears in her western designs. It is for her hard work and her creative designs, Pallavi could build a huge customer base within a very short span of time. Now, Pallavi has her client base up to US, UK, Dubai etc.

Over the years Pallavi has defied every odd to outshine as an entrepreneur. Pallavi has wonderfully created a niche for her products and at the same time she has successfully placed Assam’s indigenous silk in the global map. Never to forget here that throughout her journey her husband Mridu, a financial planner, stood beside her like a constant supporting pillar. We salute the spirit of Pallavi Borkataky, who has not only set an example but has also created a new milestone for others.

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